Parents, both current and previous clients, offered these gracious letters of recommendation to us. We wish to share them with you here.

Before and after our daughter Olivia was born, we visited multiple daycares in the Portland area. Each facility left us uneasy about returning to work. Our positive first impression of Bundle of Joy was with its director, as she was very responsive, professional, organized and friendly. During our first visit to Bundle of Joy, Monet and all of the ladies greeted us with warm smiles and open arms. This was the first daycare that offered to hold Olivia during our visit. I knew then that this was the daycare for us. The entire home was clean, bright, full of many fun toys and calm despite the 15 children in the home. We did not hesitate to confirm Olivia’s enrollment at Bundle of Joy. We smiled and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

In the mornings, Miss Kari or Miss Vanessa kindly greets us at the door and inquires about Olivia’s evening. Olivia never hesitates, but eagerly leans to them, ready for breakfast and to play with her friends. Each evening, Miss Kari or Miss Vanessa reviews in detail Olivia’s day, answers our questions, and offers funny or monumental events from the day that they know we would not want to miss.

After one year, we are still thrilled to have Olivia at Bundle of Joy. All of the ladies are warm, gentle, fun, smart and loving. There is no doubt in our minds about the love that they have for each child. We see it everyday when we drop off and pick up Olivia. Bundle of Joy offers Olivia a fun, structured, educational and loving environment where she progresses at her own pace. We recommend Bundle of Joy to everyone.

Sincerely, Angie and Joe

Olivia's Story

It is hard to know where to begin and explain how impressed Todd and I am with the Bundle of Joy Infant/Toddler home. We write this letter to express our highest recommendation for My Bundle of Joy. Also, we write this letter to express our appreciation for all the time and effort, above and beyond your formal hours of operation, you spend supporting Bundle of Joy.

We made the decision to enroll Kate, in the  program beginning the fall. After having an in-home care experience with our now four year old daughter Taylor, and five friends’ / co-workers’ infants enrolled at Bundle of Joy, the decision to enroll Kate at Bundle of Joy was easy! Especially given the fact that two of the five parents had two children each enrolled at Bundle of Joy from the start. We only wished that we had met you when Taylor was a baby!

The warm, caring environment that you provide is wonderful. Your attention to cleanliness, nutrition and safety leaves us without a worry when we drop Kate off. It is clear by the smile that lights up Kate’s face each morning when she is greeted, that she is loved and well cared for. Bundle of Joy provides a tremendous focus on positive emotional development. Your commitment to develop independent, positive, respectful, creative, curious, individual, fun-loving, well-mannered children is outstanding.

Each day Taylor and I drop off Kate at the home and each day Taylor is greeted as warmly as her baby sister. We always enjoy starting our day with the warm, cheery welcome your staff give!

Sincerely, Suzanne and Todd

Kate's Story

On behalf of my family, we would like to express our dearest thanks to you for taking such excellent care of our son, Aiden.

As you know, Aiden attended another in-home daycare before coming to Bundle of Joy. While the other owner was extremely caring and attentive, she was alone with six and sometimes seven children and just could not give them the individual attention I felt they needed. After seeking out daycares in the area surrounding my work, I happened upon My Bundle of Joy through the Lewis & Clark website. I knew immediately you were different from the rest; none of the other daycares took such care in providing me with information both over the phone and through mailed materials, complete with over 30 letters of reference from the parents that I could contact if I so desired!

But, it was the visit to Bundle of Joy that really impressed me most. There was a world of difference between it and the other daycares I saw; the others consisted mostly of one-room infant/toddler areas where the babies slept on mats on the floor, were changed, ate and played all in the same, cramped area! At Bundle of Joy, I was relieved to see three separate, beautifully designed play areas, and separate changing and sleeping rooms complete with real cribs. It had the charm and warmth of a home, but the professionalism and organization of a business. But, most importantly, the girls are all amazing! They treat my child with respect and love, and yet provide the guidance and discipline I so craved at the other daycare Aiden attended. I no longer walked into a room full of screaming and unruly children, but rather happy, playful and well disciplined children. Best of all, I learned invaluable techniques from the providers … to help me become a better mom! Just watching them and asking questions has helped me to better guide Aiden to becoming a respectful and well-adjusted child. I can see the difference between his behavior and other children his age already because he knows that “using his manners” is important, thanks to you!

I cannot say enough about Bundle of Joy, except that I feel very privileged to have Aiden there and that we will miss you during the year we will be gone in France. However, we will be reenrolling him upon on return to the states, as I cannot imagine having Aiden go anywhere else for preschool!

If you are a parent who is looking for exceptional childcare for your little one, look no further! Bundle of Joy is the BEST place you will find! And if you aren’t sure, just visit some of the others first and then you will most definitely see the difference!

Thanks again to all of you at Bundle of Joy for all that you do every single day to make my child feel special and loved. We will miss you very much while we’re gone, but we will see you soon!

With love, Stephanie, David and Aiden

Aiden's Story

When considering childcare for our son, Tristan, we only visited daycare facilities that were personally recommended to us. Upon visiting the other daycares, we were very disappointed with not only the facilities, but most importantly, the amount of attention the staff provided to Tristan. After meeting Monet and the rest of the Bundle of Joy staff, we knew immediately that it was the place for Tristan. The atmosphere is one of a friendly nurturing home, which results in happy kids. You can immediately see in the children’s face that they are comfortable, happy, and feel secure in their surroundings.

The staff at Bundle of Joy clearly love the children and enjoy being with them everyday. They are always smiling, friendly and playing with the children. They treat each child with love and respect. There is no doubt that Tristan is very happy at Bundle of Joy. He is excited each day when he arrives at the house and we often have difficulty getting him to leave at the end of the day. Because Tristan is so comfortable, he is learning many positive things at Bundle of Joy; including how to play with others, how to use his manners, and how to communicate. Although we can’t be with him during the day, we know he is learning and developing in a healthy environment.

Tristan has some food allergies, which can make planning meals a little more challenging. The staff at Bundle of Joy not only address his dietary needs, but they provide personal attention for all aspects of his time there. We know and appreciate that the staff is willing to address any concerns that we may have. In addition to meeting Tristan’s needs, as parents, we really appreciate the daily updates. Keeping up-to-date on how his day went, his routine, and his development is crucial to us. The pictures not only put a smile on our face every time we see them, but they also let us enjoy the birthday parties and other fun activities that the children get to experience.

It makes it easier for us to go to work each day knowing that Tristan is in such a safe and loving environment. We can’t think of a better place for Tristan to spend his day and it is our pleasure to highly recommend My Bundle of Joy.

Brad and April

Tristan's Story

This marks our first anniversary with Bundle of Joy Daycare. It was truly a blessing in disguise when we had to find new daycare and discovered Bundle of Joy. I had interviewed about a half a dozen other daycare providers and after meeting with the director here, I knew I had to look no further.

Bundle of Joy has provided excellent care for Cameron, and they will soon be caring for my newborn this spring. I leave Cameron at Bundle of Joy each morning knowing he will be in the best care and I can go to work without worries. In fact, I have referred 3 of my closest friends and they all bring their kids to Bundle of Joy with the same assurance.

The staff is loving and very attentive to all the children. When I pick Cameron up at the end of the day they know exactly what he’s done from eating, sleeping to poopy diapers! I especially enjoy the monthly progress reports and the pictures. The pictures truly capture his happiness with all of his pals at Bundle of Joy.

I truly believe you have met the most wonderful team of daycare providers!



Cameron's Story

Leaving our son in the care of others was much harder than we could have ever imagined. But we are thrilled that we found Bundle of Joy! Before stumbling upon Bundle of Joy, we had visited at least fifteen different daycare homes and centers. After each visit we left with the feeling “we can’t leave our baby here.” And then friends told us about Bundle of Joy. After our visit with Monet, we left feeling like finally we had found a good fit for us and our son. What a HUGE relief! Unfortunately though, the opening they had fell through and we were put on a waiting list. We went through two different and unsatisfactory daycare placements before we got the call from Bundle of Joy. They had an opening in their NE Portland center and it was ours if we wanted it. We were thrilled to say the least!

Our son, Marcus, has been with Bundle of Joy now for eight months and he is happy and thriving! He walks in every morning excited for the day and enters like it’s his own home. We love the home setting and the staff are wonderful – experienced, caring, nurturing, communicative and clearly love what they do. The center is clean, bright and engaging. And Marcus loves all of the friends he’s made there. Bundle of Joy staff have helped us through sleeping challenges and have been great at answering all of our “new parent” questions, giving us suggestions for things to try at home when we have been at a loss. When we have experienced challenges, they have worked through them with professionalism and open communication.

We are so thrilled to have found such a wonderful daycare setting for our son! It is hard being a two-working parent family, but knowing that our son is in such good hands when we leave him every day makes a world of difference. Thank you My Bundle of Joy!

Karin and Rick

Marcus' Story

Chris and I would like to thank you and all of the wonderful staff at Bundle of Joy for being the ideal “home away from home” for our daughter. It is so hard to believe that Harper is two years old and ready to move on to the preschool.

I will never forget the day I came in for my appointment and the relief I felt the minute I walked in the door and met Monet. Having a premature baby is difficult enough, finding an environment that you feel secure leaving your tiny baby in is an even tougher task. The bright, happy faces of the children and genuine interest in Harper from the staff were wonderful. The confusion of being a new mom faded as we talked and my ambivalence toward returning to work moved to the back of my head for the first time since giving birth.

Leaving Harper in your care was one of the best decisions we have ever made. She has thrived both physically and emotionally since her tiny start and much of that is owed to Bundle of Joy. She has loved all of her time here and we have never once worried about her well being. I can honestly say that occasionally some things are too good to be true! The ability to have a loving and secure home and maintain the professionalism and high standards that you have is something to be admired and celebrated. I wish all working parents could feel as positive about their child’s care giver as we have about My Bundle of Joy.

Thanks again for everything.

Love, Andrea and Chris

Harper's Story

This note of thanks to you is long overdue. Caroline has been enrolled at Bundle of Joy for over a year and a half and her time with you and your team has been very special for her and for us. The whole arrangement at Bundle of Joy – both the staff and the home feels like a second home to Caroline.

We know that Caroline gets love and attention at Bundle of Joy that is truly unique! Nothing better illustrates this than when we ran into a couple of staff at the grocery store one evening. You would have thought that they had found their long lost sister, the way they doted over Caroline. And this attention at Bundle of Joy really eases the guilt feelings of leaving our “baby” each day.

It isn’t easy having both parents work- as you well know. But when we leave Caroline with you, we know that she will be safe, that she will be nutritiously fed, and that her personality will be nurtured and encouraged. Because she is in one of your homes she has had the opportunity to explore and experience things that wouldn’t be available to her in a more institutional setting. This summer was particularly great as Caroline had the opportunity to watch your garden grow and play outside – much like she would if we could be home with her. Now that winter is on its way, we know that she will spend time reading and learning to love books – which we view as one of the most important educational skills/loves that we can teach a child – and that she will learn new skills as you begin craft projects and other types of creative play.

Caroline is growing up so fast and it is so fun to watch her grow and learn. As we see Caroline so proud of her daily accomplishments and watch the development of her social skills and ability to interact with others – both children and adults – we know that her time at Bundle of Joy is very well spent. Thanks so much for being a part of our family.

With sincere appreciation,

Steve and Janet

Caroline's Story